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6 powerful features

Automated Curriculum

LaMaSa offers tools for unit and lesson planning and disribution. Creating your programs, adding lessons and distributing the content made easy with LaMaSa.

Multi-format Content Hosting

LaMaSa makes it easy to host multi-format learning materials to adapt to the student needs and preferences. Transform, save and distribute your teaching notes into slides, video, audio and digital books in minutes.

Personalised Student Portal

LaMaSa allows you to create and customise your own student portal in minutes. Start providing students with access to your learning resources and information, such as course content and schedules, grades, class.

Integrated Smart Scheduling

LaMaSa works with your calendar to automate lesson scheduling even allowing your students to book slots for self-learning. Let your student schedule lessons without the hassle. Never get double booked.

Student Performance Dashboard

LaMaSa has a robust Progress Monitoring System which allows both on- and off-level monitoring for all grades and measurement tools within the system.

Advanced Quiz Maker

LaMaSa makes it simple to create online quizzes, questionnaires and tests in minutes linked to the lessons of your choice. Provide Quizzes, correct answers, explanations and immediate results. Help your students practice, understand their errors and progress 24/7.

5 immediate benefits

1. Time saving

Host all your learning content in one place. Allow your students to learn with audio, video and digital books from anywhere with or without you. Update your content easily and efficiently. Stay organised in all situations.

2. Additional revenue

Start servicing the users who previously could not access your program due to physical, financial or time constraint with your own student portal. Generate new revenue with learners and newly redesigned programs requiring less effort and energy for higher returns.

3. Organisational improvement

Distribute the right content to the right person, at the right time, easily and effectively, with our automated curriculum. Keep the student engagement rate high with a flexible system accessible 24/7.

4. Higher flexibility

Offer unparallel flexibility based on your availability. Make lesson scheduling easy and simple. Allow student to book learning sessions with or without a teacher, alone or with other students. No more back and forth.

5. Cost optimisation

Growing fast ? Opening new programs ? Adapting to new clients ? LaMaSa gives you the peace of mind you need to innovate and expand into new territories. Being in control of your expenses related to teaching operations make your organisation more stable and successful.

Simply Amazing

Ntabwobwa LaMaSa helped us during the last 2 years to deliver +7,000 hours of live lessons to students in North America, Europe and Asia. The platform was critical to our successful global expansion !
Andre Nisin
Happy Customer

Flexible pricing from 1 to 10,000 students

Adapted pricing based on your needs

No commintment
from $1.99

per student per month

  • Up to 100 students
  • Up to 5 cohorts
  • Up to 5 curriculums
  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • No long term commintment
  • Cancel anytime (30 days notice)

with commintment
from $0.99

per student per month

  • up to 10,000 students
  • Unlimited cohorts
  • Unlimited curriculums
  • Unlimited lessons in digital book, video and audio format
  • Priority Customer Support

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